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Greenhouses and crops


  • Culture of plants in controlled conditions (light, temperature, humidity, and CO2).
  • Patho-assays in dedicated growth chambers.




Equipment (all in S2)

  • Greenhouse : 14 compartments that can control temperature, humidity and light (lamps SON), 14 x 20 m²
  • 7 in vitro growth rooms
  • 8 standard growth chambers and 3 dedicated to plant-pathogen interactions.
  • 25 growth cabinets for growth under high CO2 or other types of special conditions.



Pascal AUDIGIER (pascal.audigier @ u-psud.fr)

Holger ORNSTRUP (holger.ornstrup @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr) team leader

Shirley PARTEL

Florie VION (florie.vion @ u-psud.fr)


To request a cultivation surface : Information sheet