POPS: The transcriptOmic Platform

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Design upstream to analyse downstream         


The POPS platform, located at Gif sur Yvette, integrates equipments, skills, tools and services in order to offer them to the public or private scientific community. It is thus providing a strong expertise and an integrated service in the field of plant transcriptomics.

The 3 axes of the transcriptomic platform are:


Integrated custom service


Training & Scientific animation

  • Project design in interaction with the collaborator (technology, planning,...)
  • Technical realization and production of RNAseq data
  • Bioinformatics and statistical analyses adapted to provide usable results
  • Interpretation of the results
  • Support for submission in databases
  • Constant development of protocols and associated analyses involving high throughput RNA sequencing
  • Scientific animation: Day of plant -omics analysis
  • Training: From gene expression to networks
  • Education
  • Reception of trainees