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Bioinformatics facility


At the heart of the Saclay Plateau Campus, the IPS2  is highly involved in integrative plant biology (NextGen Sequencing, epigenomics, imaging, metabolomics). Several research teams are developing projects in plant genomics (Teams M. Benhamed, C. Lurin, M-L. Martin-Magnette, M. Crespi, A. Bendahmane).


In 2017 the IPS2 equipped itself with a NextSeq 500 sequencer, this significantly increased the amount of data to be processed in the institute.  The "Bioinformatics Platform" aims to respond to the "data deluge" by creating an engineering pole to support and assist teams and platforms.

The Plateau intends to become a guarantor of the quality and reproducibility of the analyses and to propose relevant tools and methods.


The missions of the Bioinformatics Platform

  •     Data analysis
  •     Development of tools
  •     Means of calculation

Team members:

Marion Verdenaud: (marion.verdenaud @ universite-paris-saclay.fr) Ingénieur d'étude, CNRS (Office 3.71)

Frédéric Desprez: (frederic.desprez @ universite-paris-saclay.fr) Ingénieur d'étude, CNRS (Office 3.71)

Valérie Cantonny: (Valerie.Cantonny @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr) Assistante ingénieure, CNRS (Office 3.46)