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Epigenomic platform

Epigenetic regulations, compared to genetic regulations, can be inherited independently of a DNA sequence.


In the recent years, the term « epigenetic » is rather used to define all the processes regulating gene expression and genome architecture, in addition to the information carried by the DNA sequence, that can be more transient or facultative in nature. Epigenetics information relies on DNA and protein modifications such as cytosine methylation (5mC, 5hmC) and histone post-translational modifications (e.g. acetylation, methylation).


Many studies have highlighted the determining role of epigenetic regulations, not only in plant adaptation to stress and changing environments but also in the control of agronomically important traits. A better understanding of such processes provides the tools necessary to the development of innovative and efficient approaches to crop improvement.


EPITRANS offers the solutions to any epigenomic and bioinformatic analysis you are seeking with a plant crop. At present the services offered by EPITRANS cover genome-wide analysis of :


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