How to make analysis request

For any service or collaboration project, or scientific and technical information, please write to the Platform's contacts:

  • General information, scientific director: Bertrand Gakière 
  • Engineering, plateform manager: Francoise Gilard


Request for analysis

Any draft request for analysis must be submitted to the Bertrand Gakiere, possibly discussed in the Executive Committee to define priorities within the Platform (when there are many requests). Upon receipt of our quotation, you will have to fill out an form  "entente préalable" . This form is important for the Platform's quality management system and is also essential to agree on the terms of authorship of scientific results (simple performance or scientific collaboration with co-paternity of results).

Any doctoral or post-doctoral training project or analytical development using the Platform's tools must be requested from the Technical Director, accompanied by a specific Research and Training request form that they will send you.

For isotopic samples that you weigh yourself, it is strongly recommended to use our weighing sheet which provides the nature, weight and name of your samples (Word file below).

Weighing sheet (doc)

Rates and prices

The pricing grids and our pricing policy are explained in the document below]. For more information, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

Link for prices


We have at your disposal write us : Sample preparation protocol for isotopic analysis of organic material; Sample preparation and extraction protocol for GC-MS; Our GC retention index database.


The Dataverse Project

Data on the SPOmics-Metabolome Platform are managed according to a Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable (FAIR) management plan developed with the OPIDoR DMP tool, in collaboration with computer scientist Valérie Cantonny.

This data management plan includes the deposit of metabolomic data in a data traceability tool. DORA is an open source web application for sharing, preserving, quoting, exploring and analyzing research data.

On request, metabolomics data can also be deposited in INRAE's dataverse system (, in accordance with industry standards. The international standard MSI (Metabolism Standard Initiative) is followed. It is essential to follow these standards, which provide a reference for disseminating data in international publications and databases such as MetaboLights.

Reference: Valérie Cantonny, Bertrand Gakière, Françoise Gilard. DMP of the project "Plan de gestion de données de la plateforme métabolisme métabolome version 5.3". Inist-CNRS. 2018. hal-04437422