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Technical and logistic service

The technical and logistical service is responsible for:

  •     The technical and logistical service ensures first-level maintenance.
  •     Monitoring of heavy installations such as boilers, refrigeration units, air treatment plants, vacuum plants, raw water production and osmosis, compressed air production.
  •     Monitoring of particular installations, settings and repairs (greenhouse S2, growing rooms, cold rooms).
  •     Assistance to the various research and teaching teams (equipment troubleshooting, moving).
  •     Monitoring of university and IPS2 maintenance contracts.
  •     Building logistics (organization of moves or deliveries of various equipment).
  •     Internal fitting-out work and maintenance of common equipment.
  •     Installation of new equipment (feasibility studies, preparatory work for the installation of new equipment).
  •     Control and monitoring of electrical installations (annual controls and upgrades) Fluid controls (osmosis water, raw water, gas, compressed air).
  •     Follow-up of work (faculty or internal).
  •     Security monitoring (fire control and maintenance of devices, access to buildings, prevention plans, updating of security displays).
  •     High current electrical maintenance.
  •     Hydraulic maintenance (water supply and drainage).
  •     Realization of specific systems via the IPS2 workshop for the different teams.
  •     Interaction with university departments for maintenance contracts or other work (UFR, campus, health and safety, IT department).
  •     Management of service vehicles.
  •     Monitoring of mandatory controls (wreck, fire, elevators, security committee, control office).
  •     Laboratory security (access control, intrusion alarm, outdoor facilities, traffic).
  •     Follow-up of the selective sorting of the D3E and others of the IPS2 and the organisation of evacuations
  •     Internal repairs (replacement of fume cupboard motors, electrical, mechanical and hydraulic repairs and various interventions on all PBI equipment and teams...).
  •     Monitoring of the building infrastructure (drafting of status reports to the various departments of the university).

Team :

Jean-Paul BARES (logistique @ ips2.upsaclay.fr) : Assistant ingénieur CNRS, team leader

Franck DIARD (logistique @ ips2.upsaclay.fr) : Adjoint Technique UPSUD

Fettah LAOUAF (logistique @ ips2.upsaclay.fr): Technicien INRA