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The IPS2 transcriptOmic Platform:  Design upstream to analyse downstream

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The POPS transcriptomic platform (Paris-Saclay Plant Transcriptomic Platform) carries out transcriptome study projects in collaboration with national and international research teams. It offers expertise in the analysis of comparative gene expression through the use of high throughput RNA sequencing, or RNA-seq. This offer is completed by the bio-informatic and statistical analysis of raw data allowing the quantitative analysis of the transcriptome.

All the analysed transcription experiments are accessible through 2 databases:

  • CATdb   is our laboratory management system developed by the Genomic Networks team. This database guarantees traceability, secure storage, access to experimental design and statistical analysis.
  • GEO (NCBI) is an international repository essential for the publication of experiments, the export of data from CATdb to GEO is processed automatically.


The POPS platform is specialized in plants. To date, we have worked on over 80 different species.

The platform is labeled IBiSA  since 2008 and "Collective Scientific Infrastructure" by the "Commission Nationale des Outils Collectifs" of INRAE since 2021 after being a National Strategic Plateform since 2008. It's also certified ISO9001 since 2012 and is part of the national infrastructure "France Génomique".