POPS: The IPS2 transcriptOmic Platform

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The POPS transcriptomics platform has a fleet of high-performance equipment for the realization of your transcriptome study projects or RNAseq.


 2 x Bioanalyseur, Agilent

Capillary micro-electrophoresis: quality control of RNA samplesand  libraries.

Fluostar Galaxy, BMG Labtech 

Fluorimeter: quantitative control of RNA samples.

 CLARIOstar, BMG Labtech 

Fluorimeter  high sensitivity: quantitative control of low concentration samples.

Qubit, Life Technologies 


Fluorimeter:  quantitative control of samples.

 Biomek FX, Beckman


Automated workstation for libraries preparation and Q-PCR plates.

M220 Covaris, LGS Genomics 

UltraSonicator :  DNA Shearing for Next-Generation Sequencing.

 NextSeq500, Illumina



HiSeq2000, Illumina

Access to CEA-CNS sequencers (Evry)



 2 x DELL Servers


Storage and calculation server.

 Chromium, 10X Genomics.

 Under development


Single cell  transcriptome analysis.