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Juin 2023

Mardi 29 juin

11H00 -    Bâtiment Enseignement-Amphithéatre

Dr Brian D. Gregory Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Chair
Department of Biology
University of Pennsylvania, PENNSYLVANIA


"The regulatory sequences and proteins of co-translation RNA decay in plants."


Invitation   Martin Crespi


Mardi 27 juin

11H00 -    Bâtiment Enseignement-Amphithéatre

Dr. Hidetaka Ito 

Associate, Prof. Hokkaido University, JAPAN

" Studies on environmental stress-activated transposons"  "

Invitation   Leandro QUADRANA


Mercredi 07 juin

11H00 -    Bâtiment Enseignement-Salle rouge

Pr. Patrick SCHÄFER

Institute of Phytopathology, Justus Liebig University Giessen - Germany


" No defence without development ? "

Invitation   Cécile RAYNAUD