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Plant resistance in the context of climate change and organic farming

Team GDYNPATH / Valérie Geffroy


  • Resistance in common bean in the context of organic farming (EU BRESOV project)

The overall aim of the funded EU BRESOV project (PI F. Branca, Italy; 2018-2022) is to improve the competitiveness of tomato, brassica and common bean when grown in organic production system. Our GDYNPATH team is in charge of the disease resistance in common bean. We will explore the genetic diversity of common bean, select optimal R gene combination, develop molecular markers linked to R genes to help for breeding for resistance.


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  • Resistance in common bean in the context of climate change (ANR HiPATH)

The funded ANR HiPATH project (PI G. Noctor, IPS2; 2018-2022) is based on the finding that growth of Arabidopsis at high CO2 level can activate biotic stress responses and increase resistance to pathogens. HiPATH is conducted on various plant species (Arabidopsis, wheat, Brachypodium and common bean) and aims at identifying genes involved in this response and possible taxonomic specificities in response to high CO2 level. We will use a combination of approaches (pathogenicity tests under high CO2 level conditions, VIGS …) to address these questions in common bean.