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Team members GDYNPATH

Permanents staff

Valérie Geffroy (valerie.geffroy @ ips2.universite-paris-saclay.fr) DR2, INRAE Group leader
Ariane Gratias - Weill (ariane.gratias-weill @ u-psud.fr)  Assistant Professor, University Paris-Saclay
Stéphanie Pflieger (stephanie.pflieger @ u-psud.fr) Assistant Professor HDR, Université de Paris

Michel Dron (michel.dron @ universite-paris-saclay.fr), Professor-Emerite of University, University Paris-Saclay


Non-permanents staff

Juan Camilo Alvarez Diaz (juan-camilo.alvarez-diaz @ u-psud.fr) PhD student, ICETEX Colombia.
Adrien Speck (adrien.speck @ u-psud.fr) PhD student,  « Terre de Lin »

Tiffanie Scandolera (tiffanie.scandolera @ universite-paris-saclay.fr), PhD student, Université Paris-Saclay (from 1st October 2021)

Alicia Noly (alicia.noly @ u-psud.fr) CDD Engineer-Assistant (AI)



Anaëlle Brunel (anaelle.brunel @ universite-paris-saclay.fr), stage en alternance / contrat d'apprentissage L3Pro 'Bio-Industries et Biotechnologie', Université Paris Saclay (September 2021 to July 2022)



Dr. Masoud Naderpour (masoud.naderpour @ universite-paris-saclay.fr), Associate Professor, Seed and Plant Certification and Registration Research Institute (SPCRI), Agricultural Research, Education and Extension Organization (AREEO), Ministry of Agriculture, Iran, 2 months in 2021- Invited-researcher funding from Université de Paris

Dr. Andrea Pedrosa-Harand (andrea.harand @ ufpe.br) (Federal University of Pernambuco | UFPE · Department of Botany, Recife, Brasil) - 1 month in 2021 - Invited-researcher funding from University Paris-Saclay


Former members

Manon Richard, PhD student and ATER, Université Paris Sud

Chouaib Meziadi, PhD  student, Université Paris-Saclay

Sophie Blanchet, Engineer, Université Paris-Saclay

Vincent Thareau, Engineer, CNRS