Mutation screening

TILLING (Targeting Induced Local Lesions in Genomes) is a reverse genetic approach used to identify induced mutations in target genes. The bottleneck of this strategy is an efficient and cost effective tool for mutation discovery. One of the main objectives of EPITRANS is the development of mutation screening tools. Over the past decades we have established different mutation screening tools. Already in 2003 we have discovery the ENDO1 system that was patented and licensed to three companies, BenchBio India and Aelred France, for the use of ENDO1 system in mutation discovery, and Serial Genetics France for the commercialization of the enzyme.


EPITRANS offers its expertise (i) in the field of mutation discovery; (ii) mutant collection creation and (iii) plant prototype design and allele pyramiding.

Workflow to screen EMS-induced mutations

Our workflow exploits high throughput system for processing genomic DNAs from EMS-mutagenised M2 families, tools for mutation discoveries and bioinformatics pipelines to analyze and archive the data. The software, SENTINEL is instrumental in this strategy.

Workflow to screen fast neutron induced mutations

This workflow exploits the software SENTINDEL. SENTINDEL permits to detect small deletion, up to 500 bp. To detect large deletions we developed a workflow based on droplet digital PCR.

Workflow to screen induced mutation in saturated EMS-mutagenesed collection


This workflow exploits the droplet digital PCR.