Plant Phenotyping & Engineering Pipelines for Basic & Translational Research

Executive committee

  • Martin CRESPI (IPS2)
  • Abdel BENDAHMANE ((IPS2)
  • Michael HODGES (IPS2)
  • Graham NOCTOR (IPS2)
  • Loic LEPINIEC (Labex SPS)
  • Patricio LEBOEUF/Armelle REGNAULT (FCS, Campus University Paris-Saclay)


Improving crops is one of the key issues for developing more productive and sustainable agricultures worldwide. It requires the fine characterization of agronomic traits, identification of the genes involved, and new tools for allele engineering.

To reach this goal, innovative plant phenotyping must be combined with high throughput allele engineering. Thus, the 3P project combines two complementary objectives :

  1. To develop innovative pipelines for dynamic and multiscale phenotyping, high throughput mutagenesis and genotyping, and
  2. To carry out pilot experiments on root and fruit development, two key agronomical traits.

This project has been implemented at IPS2, a new institute of the Paris-Saclay Campus devoted to basic and translational research, as well as education in Plant Sciences, and regrouping several key and specific technological platforms in genomics, transcriptomics and metabolomics.

It benefits from the stimulating environment of the Paris-Saclay University and from being a member of the Saclay Plant Sciences LabEx (SPS).

Aims of the 3P project include

  1. the development of innovative approaches in Plant Biology that address key scientific and societal issues,
  2. an immediate impact on two research projects, innovation and teaching activities and,
  3. the structuring of the Plant Biology community of 5 Institutions on the Paris-Saclay campus through the creation of IPS2.



The 3P project and its interactions with IPS2 and the Labex SPS