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October 2022

Wednesday October 26th

11H AM -  Teaching building  – Amphitheater

Dr. Nicolas Gaggion

Research institute for signals, systems and computational intelligence




" ChronoRoot: high throughput phenotyping of plant roots using deep learning "


Invitation Thomas Blein


Monday, October 24th

11H -  Teaching building  – Amphitheater

Dr. Diego Hernan SANCHEZ

Facultad de Agronomia
Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)
Buenos Aires - Argentina


«Heritable immunity from rearranged endogenized plant pararetroviruses »


Invitation Léandro QUADRANA


Monday, October 17th

14H -  Teaching building  – Amphitheater

Dr. Filipe BORGES

Institut Jean-Pierre BOURGIN (IJPB)
UMR1318 INRAE-AgroParisTech
Centre de Versailles-Grignon
RD10 Route de Saint-Cyr
78026 Versailles Cedex, France


«Epigenetic control of transposon activity and dosage in pollen and hybrid seeds»


Invitation Léandro QUADRANA


Wednesday October 5th -

11:00 AM -  Teaching building  – Amphitheater




Department of Biology. Faculty of Science. Kyushu University, Japon


«Conditional GWAS of non-CG transposon methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana »


Invitation Léandro QUADRANA