Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants

10 - 11 July 2015 at Paris (FRANCE)

The Organizing Committee was very pleased to invite you to participate in the Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation in Plants meeting which helded at
the Society of Horticultural de France, in Paris, France.
The PGRP meeting followed the ICAR 2015 Arabidopsis conference for 2 days,
the 10 and 11th of July 2015.

The symposium brought together about 150 participants in a rather informal atmosphere, facilitating informal exchanges and development of new collaborations.

Regulation of gene expression at the post-transcriptional level is growing at a rapid pace. Novel experimental and computational tools are applied to address the extent of this regulation globally and its impact on plant growth, development and responses to diverse stresses. New unexpected paradigms of gene regulation are emerging from these studies.

Several aspects of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression were covered :
pre-mRNA processing (capping, splicing, polyadenylation), RNA stability, and translation as well as new connections chromatin modifications through regulatory RNAs (miRNA, siRNAs and long non-coding RNAs).

We also aimed at proposing a highly attractive program at a moderate inscription fee to give the opportunity to researchers - in particular those at the early stage of their career – to participate to an exciting top-level scientific event.
Many slots were reserved for young researchers to present their work in each session.

The small size of this meeting provided a highly interactive environment to facilitate an exchange of ideas, networking and collaborations across disciplines (informatics, biochemistry, genomics) in this major area of gene regulation.



 The International Organizing Committee

M. Crespi, IPS2, Orsay, France
A.S.N. Reddy Colorado State University, USA
A. Barta, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
J. Brown, University of Dundee, UK
M. Seki, RIKEN, Japan
P. Green, University of Delaware. USA

The French Organizing Committee

M. Crespi, IPS2, Orsay, France
C. Lurin, IPS2, Orsay, France
H. Vaucheret, IJPB, Versailles, France
J.M. Deragon, LGDP, Perpignan, France
D. Gagliardi, IBMP, Strasbourg, France