4th Adam Kondorosi Symposium

Frontiers in Symbiosis

November 26 - 27 2019,

I2BC - Campus CNRS Gif-sur-Yvette - France 


The objective of this Symposium is to create a scientific event that is at the forefront of fundamental research in symbiosis.

The Symposium will bring together about 150 participants in a rather informal atmosphere, facilitating exchanges. We also aim at proposing a highly attractive program at a moderate inscription fee to give the opportunity to researchers - in particular those at the early stage of their career - to participate to an exciting top-level scientific event. Young researchers will have the opportunity to present their work with a poster.

The Scientific Organizing Committee

Benoit Alunni (I2BC), Martin Crespi (IPS2), Florian Frugier (IPS2), Christine Lelandais (IPS2), Peter Mergaert (I2BC), Pascal Ratet (IPS2), Marc-André Selosse (MNHN)