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A new PI at IPS2

Hannes Kollist will become the new co-head of the STRESS team in IPS2

Since April 1st, a new Principal Investigator has joined IPS2. Hannes Kollist, who was recently recruited by the INRAE as a senior Research Scientist, will progressively take the lead of the STRESS team as co-Principal Investigator (PI) with Jean Colcombet. In the course of his former professional career at the Institute of Bioengineering in the University of Tartu (Estonia), Hannes asserted himself as an internationally-recognized specialist of molecular mechanisms regulating plant stomata aperture in response to environmental stresses. In addition to his strong academic record and the coordination of several European projects, Hannes also developed innovative devices to monitor plant gas exchanges in different physiological stress contexts. In his new team at IPS2, Hannes will pursue his focus on stomatal functions and explore how guard cell signaling mediates plant adaptation to biotic and abiotic stresses that are exacerbated by the ongoing climate change.

Hannes Kollis