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An invited Professor at IPS2: Dr. Dawei Xin

The Dr. Dawei Xin, Professor of crop genetic and breeding at the Northeast Agricultural University (China), is in residence at IPS2 for one year

The SYMUNITY team is pleased to welcome Dr. Dawei Xin coming from the Northeast Agricultural University (NEAU) in the Heilongjiang province, China, for one year. In China, he is the team leader of a research group experienced in soybean-microbe interactions, working on molecular mechanisms of the soybean-rhizobium interaction and of soybean-pathogen (Soybean mosaic virus and Phytophthora sojae) interactions. He is more specially studying the role of type III effectors underlying the establishment of nitrogen-fixing symbiotic nodulation in soybean. His group also uses genetic populations and natural germplasms to identify candidate genes underlying soybean symbiotic phenotypes, and used them for molecular marker assisted breeding. His research project at IPS2 will be the characterization of molecular mechanisms governing the Medicago truncatula – rhizobium interaction, making use of his knowledge on the type III effector triggered plant immunity and on the hormonal regulation of nodule formation. His visit in the SYMUNITY team will set the base for future collaborations.

Dr. Dawei Xin