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Prof. Adi Avni, expert in plant biosensors and plant Innate Immunity, in residence at IPS2 for 2 month

The FLOCAD’s team is pleased to welcome Prof. Adi Avni, coming from the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security, Tel Aviv University, Israel for 2 months. He is a recognized researcher in the field of Plant Innate Immunity and Biosensors. His lab studies the development of biosensors for agriculture and food using micro and nanoscale technologies. The goal is to develop sensors that will be integrated on the plant (i.e. leaves, stem, rhizosphere, etc.) for early detection of various parameters (biotic and abiotic stresses) that are key factors in the food chain. His project is based on years of research in both plant sciences and electrical and optical engineering, culminating in the understanding that the future of functional sensing in agriculture depends on amalgamated technologies and biosensors comprising a combination of biological and engineering components working in concert to achieve the most biologically relevant and accurately measurable signal for effective precision agriculture. His second research topic is the study of the induction of plant innate immunity: plant resistance against diseases involves inducible defense mechanisms (innate immunity). His research focuses on understanding the signal transduction pathway by which a fungal protein induces innate immunity in tomato and tobacco plants.


FLOCAD’s team shares with him common goals and subjects. His visit at IPS2 is a great opportunity to exchange expertise and approaches and to develop new collaborative projects.

Adi Avni
Adi Avni

October 15, 2021