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The SPOmics Days

The IPS2 Omics platforms (POPS, InterATOME and Metabolome) are organizing on June 17 and 18, 2019 a symposium dedicated to the approaches they are developing: the SPOmics days on plant transcriptomics, metabolomics and interactomics.

These days are open to all people interested in these approaches and the tools developed by our platforms.

This will be the first edition of these days in this format, the five previous were organized by the transcriptomics platform POPS.

This conference will be structured around presentations on the afternoon of 17 June and the morning of 18 June, covering the different technologies proposed by these 3 platforms, the innovative projects led by users in collaboration with the platforms and also the latest technological developments in the field. This will be the starting point for exchanges and discussions between the various participants in the form of round tables and visits to the platforms scheduled for the afternoon of 18 June.