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IPS2 and Thermofisher: Informing Job Opportunities in the Private Sector

IPS2 and ThermoFisher Scientific: a successful collaboration to introduce career opportunities in the private sector to public service CDDs.

IPS2 has chosen to be proactive in the field of job search for its CDD staff by offering them support throughout their contract. The "Looking for a job" initiative was launched in 2016 to provide CDDs with regular training, visits and meetings with the private sector to prepare them and help them in their job search. Indeed, precarious employment in the public research sector is a hot topic. The number of positions open each year for recruitment is extremely low and highly competitive and the duration of fixed-term contracts is limited, making it impossible to offer them a peaceful future.

It is in this context where ThermoFisher Scientific has opened the doors of its laboratories in June to about fifteen young IPS2 CDDs. During a whole afternoon, they were introduced to different professions related to research and development. Resumes were submitted and direct exchanges with professionals were very rich and beneficial to all participants.

IPS2 thanks ThermoFisher Sientific Company for accepting this exchange.