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IPS2 welcomes high school students!

IPS2 welcomes high school students as part of the "Des Plantes et des Hommes" initiative supported by the Saclay Plant Science (SPS) network.

The initiative "Des Plantes et des Hommes", supported by the network "Saclay Plant Science" (SPS), aims at developing scientific mediation actions with high school and college classes in the Paris area. Within this framework, IPS2 recently welcomed its first classes. The program included the discovery and understanding of plant biology, the importance of plants and of their impact on our daily lives, as well as a presentation of the research activities carried out at IPS2 in the context of current and future agriculture. These visits are a great opportunity to have a dialogue between all actors of academic research and young citizens, in order to reinforce their interest and their trust in the scientific approach. The first visits were a great success! IPS2 plans to welcome about fifteen classes per year.