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Dr. Jérémie Bazin was recruited at IPS2 as a INRAE researcher

Jeremie Bazin is a researcher (INRAE) in the IPS2 unit (Institut des Sciences des Plantes - Paris-Saclay, UMR 9213 UPSaclay/CNRS/INRAE). He has been recruited in May 2021 in Martin Crespi's team.

After his studies in Plant Biology and Physiology, he completed his PhD thesis between 2007 and 2011 at the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris) under the supervision of Christophe Bailly. His research focused on the post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression that controls seed dormancy.

After his Ph.D., he continued his research on the mechanisms of gene expression regulation in plants, and focused on the function of non-coding RNAs during the response of plants to their environment. After a post-doctoral stay in the group of  Julia Bailey-Serres at the University of California, Riverside (thanks to a Marie-Curie Outgoing Fellowship), he was recruited as a contract researcher of  UP Saclay at  IPS2,  and finally as a researcher at INRAE. 

Today, Jérémie Bazin is interested in understanding the role of alternative RNA splicing regulatory mechanisms in plants stress responses. His research is based on the hypothesis that this mechanism strongly contributes to the adaptation of plants to their environment. His work uses a combination of molecular biology, genomic and bioinformatic approaches, and aims to understand the mechanisms that determine the specificity of alternative splicing regulation in response to environmental signals, the contribution of this mechanism in the adaptation of plants to their environment during evolution in particular in the context of climate change.

08 December 2021