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HDR of Véronique BRUNAUD

HDR defense of Véronique Brunaud on November 24, 2022

Management and integration of genomic data for the study of transcription in plants

My activities as a research engineer in bioinformatics are mainly focused on two projects: (1) the creation and development of information systems to analyze data coming from platforms or scientific projects focused on plant genomics and transcriptomics (FLAGdb++ and CATdb databases); (2) the regulation of transcription in plants and of the mechanisms of interactions between transcription factors and their target genes. The PLMdetect method, developed in the GNet team of IPS2, allows the detection of cis-regulatory DNA motifs that serve as anchors for transcription factors. This method is currently used in several research projects including a project that I am leading on the detection of co-active transcription factors in environmental stress responses.

HDR defense of Véronique Brunaud