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Sophie Piquerez, Assistant Professor at IPS2

A new Assistant Professor in plant biology from Université Paris-Cité hired at IPS2


Sophie Piquerez is Assistant Professor at Université Paris Cité since September 2023. She joined the Chromosome Dynamics team at IPS2 (Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay) to better understand the link between the three-dimensional organization of chromatin and the regulation of gene expression in plants.


Sophie has always been fascinated by the interaction of plants with their environment, and her career path reflects her interest in deciphering the signals that plants perceive. During her PhD at the Sainsbury Laboratory (Norwich, UK, 2008-2012) under the supervision of Prof J.D.G. Jones, she studied the molecular interaction between various pathogens (bacterial or oomycete) and their host plant (Arabidopsis thaliana) during infection. Subsequently, Sophie continued to develop new skills at the University of Warwick (School of Life Sciences, 2013-2016) in the team of Dr Vardis Ntoukakis, then at Université Paris-Saclay within IPS2 (2017-2020) in the teams of Pr Moussa Benhamed and Dr Abdelhafid Bendahmane and finally at I2BC with Dr Chloé Girard (2021-2023). Her research is focused on plants, using approaches ranging from genetics to -omics analyses.


Today, as a member of the Chromosome Dynamics team, Sophie is interested in the relationship between chromatin dynamics and plant responses to the environment. Thanks to her various past experiences and her commitment to students, Sophie is an integral part of the teaching team of the Plant Sciences department at Université Paris Cité.


« Foresee nothing but the unforeseeable, expect nothing but the unexpected. » Christian Bobin

Contact  (sophie.piquerez @ universite-paris-saclay.fr)

Sophie Piquerez