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Dr. A. G. Ammar invited at IPS2

The Dr. A. G. Ammar, Assistant Professor of Biotechnology in Alexandria (Egypt), is in residence at IPS2 for 6 months

The SYMUNITY team is pleased to welcome Dr. Gamal Ammar coming from the City of Scientific Research and Technological Applications (SRTA City), Alexandria, Egypt for six months. Dr. A. G. Ammar previously worked for FAO and Monsanto and as a visiting scientist at Oxford, Cambridge (UK) and Cornell (USA) Universities. At Cornell, he just completed a project about Gene Editing in wheat. In Egypt he is the team leader of a research group experienced in biotechnology, working on different aspects of bioremediation of heavy metals, plant-microbe interactions, edible vaccines for medicine and secondary metabolites, using molecular biology, microbial genetics, genome editing, plant tissue culture and transformation, and environmental biotechnology. His research project at IPS2 will be the characterization of the beneficial interaction between Trichoderma and wheat for a sustainable agriculture.

His visit in the SYMUNITY team will set the base for future collaborations.