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IPS2 commitment for a more sustainable research activity

In line with the institutional policies from CNRS, INRAE and Paris-Saclay University that tend to integrate the environmental emergency as a key parameter of the research activity, IPS2 created a few months ago a committee for Sustainable Research Activity.

Composed of a dozen of people sensitive to these issues and led by Jean Colcombet, the objectives of the committee are (1) to evaluate the sustainability of the research activity at IPS2, (2) to propose ways to improve it, and (3) to make aware the IPS2 staff of the Anthropocene challenges, especially regarding climate change. Concrete measures have already been taken with the improvement of the waste handling, the exclusive use of reusable dishes in the cafeteria, or the creation of a secure bike garage to promote this soft mobility. Besides this, the committee organized last year a conference on the great challenges related to the future of energy and climate, and developped an open access library including books from P. Bihouix, R. Carson, J. Diamond, JM. Jancovici, G. Pitron,  P. Servigne and other experts in the field. 

An important objective for the committee in 2022 will be to complete the carbon footprint of the institute in order to identify actions that could lead to a drastic decrease of the IPS2 greenhouse gaz emissions. A difficult task that will contribute to the general efforts which need to be done in our societies to preserve the world…

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