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IPS2 platforms are becoming aware of the ISO9001 standard

Consistent with the IPS2 transcriptomics platform (POPS), certified ISO 9001 since 2012, the EPITRANS, SPOMICS-PMM and SPOMICS-InterAtome platforms are also moving in this direction. To meet the changes requested by the State and Europe in their roadmaps to scientific and technical platforms, certification has become essential to improve and validate the quality policy already existing on these structures.

Consequently, in 2019, the EPITRANS platform is engaged in an ISO 9001 certification process in connection with the INRA's national certification support platform. On this occasion, a half-day awareness day open to all other IPS2 platforms will be organised on Thursday 4 April 2019 in order to encourage everyone to support this approach. This intervention will be filmed with the objective of producing a documentary support, certified by the INRA's national certification support platform and available to all.