Call for new group leaders at IPS2

The Institute of Plant Sciences Paris Saclay (IPS2) is seeking to recruit new group leaders to develop
independent research programs in the fields of plant-microbe interactions, physiology and signalling, or developmental cell biology and evolution, with an emphasis on the impact of climate change on plant biology.

IPS2 explores mechanisms that control plant growth and development and their regulation by endogenous and exogenous signals. Our research is integrated at cell, organ, whole plant and population levels to answer fundamental questions in plant biology using model systems, as well as to apply this knowledge to crops and biotechnological innovations.

The Institute is located south-west of Paris within the University of Paris-Saclay Campus, 16th in the 2022 international Shanghai ranking of Universities and it is also a leading member of the Saclay Plant Sciences (SPS) laboratory of excellence and Graduate research school and thus benefits from an exceptional interdisciplinary scientific environment.


IPS2 has recognized state-of the art technological platforms including Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Epigenomics and Translational biology, as well as facilities for Interactomics and Cell Biology. Our Institute is currently composed of 12 teams organized in 3 departments: Developmental Genetics and Genomics, Physiology and Signalling, and Plant-Microbe Interactions and Networks, developing research programs with an emphasis on statistical modelling and predictive biology as well as translational biology.


Candidates are expected to develop independent and high-quality fundamental research programs.

Applications should be submitted by email and include a cover letter describing the applicant’s motivations to join IPS2, a CV, a 2-page summary of research achievements, a 4-page research project and contact details for three references. Candidates should either have a French institutional research position (University, CNRS, or INRAE) or meet criteria to compete for such a position as well as for national and international funding (e.g. ANR, ERC). Selection will be made after an initial screening through interviews during December 2022. IPS2 will provide support and guidance for selected applicant(s) to secure independent funding, to obtain a position if required, and to facilitate their setting- up and access to technological platforms.


For further information and/or sending applications, contact the Direction Committee of IPS2 at