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S.E.M.P.A, 2019, 1st PRICE: Close-up on clary sage

In the context of the PISTILL project aiming at clary sage genetic improvement, the FLOCAD group of IPS2investigates the secretion process of sclareol, a compound used in perfume industry. The surface of a clary sage flower bud was observed by high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (MEB-FIB Helios 660, FEI) in collaboration with the MSSMat laboratory of CentraleSupélec (EquipEx MATMECA). This picture, named "Alien skin", has been awarded the 1st prize at the national photography competition organized by the association SEMPA on March 15th, 2019. It has been obtained by Eva Héripré (MSSMat - CentraleSupélec) from the work of Camille Chalvin (PhD candidate) and Halima Morin, members of the FLOCAD group.